ethel’s words

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I am gratified that my beautiful city, secure in the arms of water-gathering mountains, has received recognition for the work of our foresightful Mayor.

Still, my role is “critic”. If there is an award for wasting water, we should get it. I am advised there is no enforceable Utah statutory prohibition against chronic, massive water-waste. The silly “save-water” ideas of the U.S. Congress are next to pitiful.

O.C. Tanner’s lovely fountains (and the Library’s) would be more tolerable if other massive waste were stopped. Long ago, beavers kept the aquifers in this valley replenished, as their “holding basins” let water sink in rather than run off. They were exterminated.

Currently, the “rain-tax department” is at it again. As best I understand, with no reports in the printed media, instead of cheap, efficient holding basins, they again want to rip up historic areas in Central City to run THE AVENUES drainage underground all the way to 13th South, thence, hidden and un-used, to the Jordan and the Lake. Alternatives abound.

Last time, they planned destruction of the northwest quadrant of Liberty Park, with a ten-foot deep dry basin in case of flooding. Joke: Here, you hit water at ten feet and less.

A sweet little woman from Daughters of the Utah Pioneers petitioned in scorching heat during the 24th of July parade and apparently scared the power holders. She saved Liberty. (Someone in the Central City Neighborhood Council claimed the Council saved Liberty--an absolute falsehood.)

Is there anybody out there now who cares about water, green space, historic sites, and waste of resources? Sixty years of protesting in the indifferent world of Utah has worn me to a frazzle.

Ethel C. Hale