ethel’s words

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We may comment, or we may question: On the matter of hatred, I first question. Clearly, some humans get their jollies by lolling around in a puddle of hatred in the way that some wallow around in religious ecstasy. That’s okay if they force no one, hurt no one.

But these haters--these vicious “go after ’em” haters of any kind of variance in sexual expression--they are baffling. They want to withdraw freedom, segregate, banish, defame, punish. Their obsession with other persons’s genitalia makes one wonder if they have a problem with their own.

Well, once again, I bring up the long-time oppression of women. Do the haters cling to a notion the “gays” are men turned into women, like surgical transgendering? Exactly what terrifies them?

Despite my ignorance, I can at least point to the Mormons--those leading haters of gays--and analyze their fear. DIFFERENCE. That is one thing they fear. Consider the rules at Brigham Young University. It is not enough that all the students have passed some kind of entrance qualifications, something short of a “Bishop’s Recommend”, perhaps. Yet they are further instructed: Length of hair, hairlessness of face, length of skirt, and more I cannot remember. They must all look alike. They must all be alike. They must do the same things: Boy, go on mission; get Mormon-okay job; pay tithing, marry Mormon girl. Girl: Attend BYU to be sure to get a good Mormon husband; learn to cook and sew (but also it is nice if you are able to get a job outside the home--on which you tithe). But most of all, have children--a bunch.


Ethel C. Hale