ethel’s words

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“Utah has a hate-crimes law” various sources announce. The barest analysis convinced me that this is “Utahese”, the peculiar language of pretend: Say the words, repeat them; saying makes it so.

I am biased: the very concept of a “hate” differentiation between the murder of a “group member” and the torture-murder of a child should make a thoughtful person shudder.

But that is not what we got.

What we did get is hurtful for those who think they would feel more secure if they have higher value than a child; does not properly honor the memory of Pete Suazo; it is sad for the lost labor and devoted work--recognized and appreciated-- of others.

In a last effort, in exhaustion and desperation, the wishes of Pete Suazo, et al, were co-opted by--oh, no, dare I write it?--the hateful, puritanical, church-slave manipulator, publicized to a frenzy by the local media and thus empowered--THAT? That name I will not write?

What was this legislation sullied by the hand of the most bigoted manipulator? It should have been titled, “An act to legitimize the traditional prejudices of judges and the rest of the punitive administrators of criminal justice.”

Abandoning the concept of “Equal Justice Under Law”--an essential part of the very foundation of our not-divine government, to search for another way to achieve justice was a colossal blunder.

“Equal Justice” would provide Civil Liberties equality for ALL persons who are ground down into underlying classes. We do have a caste system.

Well, we have stumbled around in the blinding shadows of prejudice ever since divinity was dreamed up. It is with us yet, and now, in Utah, it seems legitimized.

Ethel C. Hale