ethel’s words

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My offerings on this page will be personal and individual. It is most likely that what I present here will reflect my political self, and rarely my human self.

I have a deep emotional investment in The Bill of Rights, and the First Amendment is, to me, the finest measure of government with consent of the governed. Without the First Amendment, we would be reduced to life under despotism.

On the other hand, I think the Ten Commandments comprise the worst claptrap I have ever read, even though those commandments basically reflect our animal instincts. But put the invisible god in there, and you have a monstrous ego-trip. The definition of “claptrap” in the Third International exactly fits.

Late in life I decided firmly that the motto that takes care of life’s philosophy for me is “Be Kind”. Note that it does not include “except”. In fact, it does not except “self”. I believe in defending my life and the lives of others in the best way that I can, and I see no conflict in this.

I hope I never bore.


Ethel C. Hale