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...establishing religion...

Prohibition of smoking tobacco in “public places for public use” out-of-doors, is purely a religious ban, and violates the First Amendment. There is no, repeat NO, scientific basis for banning smoking of tobacco. There IS, in my opinion, better evidence and greater urgency for banning trans fat.

I challenge anyone to direct me to a study of smokers, not of sick persons, in the U.S., including those up to age 100. I suggest there is none; surely the dumb anti-smoking propaganda would include any such study--well, IF it established a causal link between smoking and illness.

I did read once, in a medical publication, of a survey in England, that only 15% of smokers get cancer of any kind. But that is the number for the general population, isn’t it? (What country?)

But I can, and have, directed attention to lies. It is downright scary that there seems to be no communication medium that reaches a “mass U.S. audience” that would have the courage to expose the lies about harm of smoking, or even question reports, and probably no doctor willing to sacrifice his whole-life career to tell the correct fact: smoking may harm, but there is no study of smokers to substantiate it. I certainly would expect that smoking encourages emphysema, but I have not read that. In fact, I haven’t run across anything on emphysema in the several lay medical publications I read. Well, I haven’t run across any reports on the effects of automobile emissions on the individual. (Except, of course, in reports on suicide.)

Apparently few in power worship at the shrine of accuracy.

Ethel C. Hale