ethel’s words

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The collapse of the twin towers still riddles our body politic with fear and anxiety, but it will soon be dwarfed by the domino collapsing of Yankee-American financial institutions and corporations.

The countless personal tragedies have not yet melded together in the minds of the sufferers, but perhaps a light will flash on and someone will lead the way to understanding this is nobody’s fault. It is a result of the non-system--the inevitable collapse of the profit “system”. And this time, there is no hungry foreign market to use as a band aid--to cover our wounds and take up the burden of our abundance.

I happen to loathe all those toppling corporations, but I know they all simply did “what was expected of them”. And the CEO’s are doing exactly what we expect of them--the greedy bastards are grabbing and running--and our needs are ignored. Our government is doing what is expected of it--protecting the rich from the poor.

Ethel C. Hale