ethel’s words

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Why do I, a non-Mormon, write about Mormonism? Easy to answer: Because Mormon strut is in my face everywhere I go, and in writings about places where I don’t go.

It is not just the State Liquor Store (run traditionally by persons who never tasted a wine) nor the bar, nor the restaurant, nor the theater, nor the street, nor the park. It is in the supermarket. Worse, it has always been in the Mormon-run public schools. (That is why there is no need for LDS Church parochial schools--they all are.)

Under the Mormon dictatorship, it is a struggle to keep your children’s head on straight, to keep your children free of racism, and to protect their childhood sensitivities from Mormon bigotry.

Trying to be tolerant of the Mormon religion is like being tolerant of mosquitos at the swimming pool when you are the life guard.

Ethel C. Hale