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Whenever your government offers to “help” you, withhold your gratitude until you are sure who the real beneficiary is. Certainly, you should accept any offer of help that you genuinely need. But when you decide whom to support at the polls--your only real chance to have an effect short of activism--consider the ways of government assistance.

When the affluent critics bitched about the food stamp program, they thought it was to help poor persons. Of course, it was to bail out Yankee agriculture.

When everybody except recipients whined about “rent subsidies” they failed to notice the program was to benefit landlords, not renters. Landlords were buying properties all over the place as government guaranteed, effectively, to pay the rents. If government wanted to help poor people, it would have given them money to buy a house. Instead, landlords racked up properties to rent.

The fact of this that bothers me is that so many persons remain uninformed on the real thrust of government programs. Who is being saved today, the banks or the home buyers?

It is a puzzle to me why there is so much hatred against the poor, the victims of the system, and so much respect for the money changers. Thieves are admired if they are rich.

Well, true, not by everybody.

Ethel C. Hale