ethel’s words

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Of course, what we have dreaded has been happening--sorta , forever. One by one, species by species, we are narrowing the variety of creatures who delight the Planet, that make our hearts jump, that make us tilt our heads to hear better. We are ridding our Planet of everything that brings joy.

You think you like humans. How would you like humans, humans, humans, nothing but humans, day after day, year after year. (Yeah, and dogs.)

Does that thought make your heart almost drop out of your chest?

If we can’t save our own back yard, how can we save the Planet? There are too many humans, and that is why we have no hummingbird this year. No hummingbird. A thought that planted dread and fear long ago. Now it is more than a fearful thought.

No hummingbirds this year? To be accurate, once in a while a hummingbird comes to our feeders. Someone else in the neighborhood, no doubt, has a feeder out. We keep ours immaculate though the syrup has been barely tasted. (It is good fertilizer.) Once in two, or maybe three, days, a hummer comes by. It is as if he, she, it, is saying, “Hey, keep this out. There will be another day.”

Walk into a garden store and what do you see most of? Poison.

Humans and their goddam poisons are killing the whole Planet.

Dream about a hummingbird.

Ethel C. Hale