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History started a long time ago, but it is still living.

In the Sixties we learned that the CIA was bringing unlawful substances into the USA--on their very own Air America planes. Even before that, there were hints that the U.S. Government was trying that old political control trick--get the people on drugs.

What are the gains to the corporate oligarchy that dictates our government actions--and inactions?

First, the young men who might have marched by the thousands or even do a real rebellion have been put behind bars. The approach was--get them into drugs or plant drugs on them; either method works. We are a nation of prisons; they eat up funds that should go into universities. Millions spend their youth in prison--time that should be their awakening to adulthood, their celebration of liberation from parental control, or that could have brought the joy of falling in love for the first innocent, believing time.

Additionally, the “drug menace” gave the U.S. the excuse it needed to intimidate, bully, and control other countries, of late, especially Colombia and Mexico, a benefit also to the corporate giants that de facto dictate to the (once-called) banana republics.

The corporate megalo-bullies are benefitting financially from the massacre of Iraq (as if they needed to) but more importantly, they continue the message to the world: “Don’t tread on us--we have The Bomb and we have shown our willingness to use it.”

Day after day, children scream in pain and in terror; women weep, are brutally raped; gorgeous architecture is blasted; and in Yankee America, people stumble through their lives like zombies, fueled by amphetamines that have replaced less harmful, more natural, drugs. In their wildly distorted reality, they are helpless as well as hopeless. Others are tranquilized into numb alienation with legal poisons such as Prozac.

All of these horrors add up to one terrorizing gain for bad government: the loss of civil liberties.

Ethel C. Hale


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