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Troops on our southern border? Yankee-American border? It is unthinkable; surely one of the most shocking headlines I have ever read in The Salt LakeTribune.

There is a sickness in Washington, DC, a profound disorientation, a madness ignited by religious fervor--nay, fanaticism--and political voracity.

It is not just one pitiable man, but a cabal of bullies and torturers, enabled to become dictatorial by unrelenting disempowerment of the underlying populations. Control of media, control of education, use of deceit to quiet a trusting (or gullible) public, have made it possible to use the intimidation of religion, thus completing rule by dictatorship, nascent or established.

This contemptible coterie in DC are destroying, not only our constitutional values, but the continent itself. And they are wreaking unspeakable horrors in other countries made vulnerable by years of CIA activities.

Only the fully oppressed who work in the underbelly of the nation feel the thrust of fascism. When it is perceived higher up, it may be too late. This sickness should be identified and stopped now. Begin by recognizing it.

Ethel C. Hale