ethel’s words

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What a laugh. Wal-Mart wants to be, like, a citizen and be treated in the same way as any other tax-paying citizen--the same way as other Utah enterprises--especially, banks. Wal-Mart wants a li’l ol’ Industrial Bank.

“Oh, no,” whine the big buck boys who push the little guys around every day. “Oh, no, they will compete with us. Compete!”

“Besides, they are not good citizens” moan the movers-and-shakers. “They are against unions, and here, HERE, in this right-to-work state, they can hold off the unions.”

“And that’s not all,” chimes in The Voice from the Utah State Legislature. “Every time we point out that their employees are underpaid and uninsured, they just stare us down and say, ‘You should increase the minimum wage’.”

“One thing we must prevent”, whispers the Mighty Voice that is always heard, “is some kind of comparison with--you know--like thrift stores? And, you know, bringing up the, uh, fine men and women who, uh, volunteer, VOLUNTEER, their unpaid labor. This would be a threat to our freedom.”

“This must be stopped!” cries a trembling voice. “Do you realize this could lead to exposu--uh, uh, I mean, could have a bunch of nosey feds or something like that looking at our very own private Industrial Banks! Stop it! Stop this invasion of foreigners!”

Ethel C. Hale