ethel’s words

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In surprise raids, immigration functionaries haul workers from their jobs, as if they are criminals, without notice and without a chance for legal help. The outrageous flouting of the Bill of Rights is so galling it almost overshadows the callous abuse of human beings. Those first ten amendments apply to persons, not only citizens.

The Palmer raids of the 1920s, the head-cracking union-busting of the 1930s, the mass deportation of “Mexicans” in the 1950s are less known than the mass arrests of persons who seemed to be of Japanese heritage, but all those actions provide examples of a people’s government gone out of control.

If we don’t guard the Bill of Rights, our precious protection against any government bursting out of its own Law and Order, we have no security. When government itself promotes hatred, as governments so often do. it can become a threat to all of us. If we do no more, we need to speak out against government fecklessness and the cruel and unreasonable raids against persons whom it has invited, in subtle ways, in the past.

Ethel C. Hale