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Various stripes of socialists, communists, and Utopians believed there would come a day when knowledge and technology would provide such abundance of food and life-enhancing commodities that humans, in their various societies, would be willing to share all the bounty, equally or by need.

Instead, in Yankee America, at least, we see greedy, affluent humans (often as corporations) grubbing for more and more: More services from underlying populations; bigger houses to hold ever more and bigger technological products; more and more waste of products from oppressed human labor.

Burgeoning human populations, despite famine and disease, threaten to wipe out any excess or remnant of resources not grabbed and held by the super-rich. In fact, the rich must feel threatened by those populations, as hunger looms as a certainty.

The freedoms Franklin Delano Roosevelt talked about are occasionally discussed, but the real, radical (basic) solutions are not on any agenda of study or action.

Even on small, individual problems, opportunities for basic solutions are ignored. Custom and habit, joined with profound indoctrination, seem to leave no opening for free or analytical thought. Everybody--well, not everybody--bends to War, for example, a waste that nullifies even hope.

No longer is the theme of Yankee Americans--North Americans--a desire to eradicate hunger, poverty, disease and fear; now they want only to gorge on the abundance. They are obsessed with big everything: big houses, big vehicles, big TV’s, big boats, big parties, big servings, big drugs, big prisons, big travel, big guns.

Big mistake.

Ethel C. Hale