ethel’s words

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War destroys all freedoms and liberties. War demands unthinking allegiance that enables fascism.

War makes people nutty. It makes them think that it is heroic to mutilate and kill humans from a distance with impersonal mass-killing tools of murder.

War so distorts all ideas of decency, that when the wounded return from war, in pain, agony, and anguish, they are treated like cast-offs not worthy of care.

War makes mothers so nutty they brag how glad they are to send their sons to get their faces blown off and/or their guts ripped out. Daughters, too.

War sanctifies lies, hatred, cruelty, torture, murder, and the killing of all creatures that get in the way.

War and religion join to teach punishment and revenge--a cycle that never stops, and is facilitated by Power.

War makes people so confused and mixed up that, finally, they don’t know who causes the killing or who does the killing or why, and their poor brain cracks at last into utter madness.

Ethel C. Hale