ethel’s words

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Never think that the idiots who gave us the “Viet Nam War”--a war memorialized more than any other, I believe (may the victims, all of them, be remembered forever)--the men of power would not have tackled China had there not been a vigorous and determined drive against war by ordinary citizens.

Never think that it is wisdom that gains power. It may not be even cunning. When either is present, it is superfluous. Most persons of power were born to some degree of some kind of power.

Is power transferable? Can power in “The Church” (meaning the historical church) be transferred to government?

Church power, like any, is political. Even the power of male supremacy is couched in The State.

When the Black Panthers (glory to their names, their beloved names) cried “Power To The People” they knew what it was all about. They had their heads on straight. But oh! Oh!

The Panthers fell; some of their compatriots were supine in bed when police bullets tore their lives from them.

The power of the gun.
The power of the State.
The power of the state-held gun.
The power of the gun without justice.


Ethel C. Hale