ethel’s words

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It occurred to me this morning, in a moment of lucidity clutched from the flow of inanity, that I haven’t smashed any political ikons.

So let me hammer out a few words about my nation. The USA has founding documents, anticipatory documents, and legal opinions that inspire my admiration and my ever-loyalty. (My first political loyalty is to my Planet, Earth.)

We are supposed to believe that this nation is not imperialistic. We run around the world Doing Good.


It may look that way because we do not want to acquire the countries where we exert full power. Many of the little islands or countries would like to become part of the United States of America. But--

the corporations that comprise part of the de facto government recoil from the very idea. They know that the de facto colonies know that if they were part of the USA they could (in the good eras) organize labor and crafts unions and be protected by laws of the United States.

Yes, in the good times.

But the reality since the death of Franklin Roosevelt and the end of World War II is that the USA has practiced Empire without the visible trappings. Which is to say, we are Empire Sub-Rosa.

We have crushed one democracy after another; have supported most of the many fascist dictatorships established after World War II; our CIA has assassinated the duly-elected officials and protected the monarchial and other dictatorships. We protect the dictators and plunder the peoples and the lands.

And with all this, our nation today is a tangle of inconceivable debts, public and private; is wallowing in this garbled liability and luxury at the same time; and above all, is politically inert. There are no “grand plans”. We are surviving on hope.

Ethel C. Hale