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A little reflection seems proper.

It has been an interesting year (“may you live in interesting times...”): everyone believes his hocus-pocus – those who believe and voted for him; and those who believe and voted for Hillary. Believers who claim license to hate the “other”; believers who fear for our Republic. Supporters applaud; opponents deride.

What shall we do when it turns out that it was all “shtick” [Yiddish, from German stücke] – a gigantic act to get attention that even he doesn’t believe?

Well, maybe not all “act”: He seems to sincerely want to skew that tax code even further to help the rich (himself, for example, assuming he is rich).

Do other rich persons proclaim “I’m really rich. Believe me.”? Bloomberg; Buffet; Gates; the Kochs; the Waltons; Zuckerberg: Any of them?

We may know more by the end of January – after the Inaugural and later he speaks of the State of the Nation.

What do you think you know about what he believes and what he will try to do?

Write it down now and check it out in four years when we go through this again.

            W. Paul Wharton