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Earth Without Life: Transformation of Earth

Without Life, Earth would still be beautiful, with sparkling waters, ever-moving; crystal ice and velvet snow; rocks of countless colors; blazing sunsets.

But Life! Life splashes green, sprinkles infinitely-varied hues of flowers, devises motions of animals--slithering, flying, racing, leaping.

All life is characterized by a struggle for dominance: the green algae, the deadly microbe, the delicate flower. Plants nurture in their bosom “seeds of seeds”; scatter mature seeds and spores as far and wide as their genius can achieve. The drive for dominance is not benign: it leads to bloody violence; there are murder and massacres; there is accidental mayhem; there is fear and horror as well as exquisite delight.

Wonders: plants, with bellies full of seed; birds, devising clever cradles of all manner of materials--even from their bodies--for their offspring; fish finding a way; mammals giving birth to living images of themselves--some of them born ready to run. All are fashioned to survive in the drive for dominance. Most, nearly all, perish before maturity.

No lifetime is long enough to know the far-flung wonders that we have on Earth, yet we waste our lives in conflict and in sorrow, due to the human drive for dominance on Earth. We waste our intellect devising imaginary heavens instead of preserving and enhancing paradise on Earth.

With our unthoughtful energy, we are transforming Earth--into garbage.

Ethel C. Hale