ethel’s words

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Even when I was young enough to use them, I dreamed of transcontinental trails--trails for bicycles, adult tricycles, but above all, pedestrians. Trails to cross North America--a vision limited to East-West, for a while.

If we want to walk across the continent, we need, in this civilized nation, some convenience stops. Not commercial! Not as luxurious as some I’ve encountered in the midwest, but they would need servicing. That is a problem. (We need “Community Stewards of America” or “National Stewards” or why not just a new division in Parks?)

Then, trains. Next to walking, trains are the choice. Oh, lovely travel by train. Comfort, convenience, almost luxury. (But that is for real travel. Trains are a mess in the city.)

Traveling by train gives opportunities not offered elsewhere. You can have a private compartment. You can watch the landscape melt away, or you can read. You have your own need closet with shower. You can socialize, eat with others, or eat “take to”--take to your own space. You could bring your own lunch--maybe advisable if you have diet restrictions.

Have fun while you are young enough.

Ethel C. Hale