ethel’s words

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“Is torture okay?” Yankee America was asked. If you can still swallow after reading the question, prepare for the answer: “Yes”, said much of Yankee America. “Sometimes it is needed.”

A “rule” against torture was devised, not by Yankee America, but by a group of nations. So, if torture by the USA is okay, what else is? Is rape? Rape of a woman? The meant-to-torture rape of a man? Is it okay to rape the child in the view of the father to break whatever is to be broken in the man?

Is it alright to starve as torture? Starve whom? Man in military prison? Man in civilian (choke) prison? Woman in enemy hands? Child? Child who refuses to respond to strange words? Infant who spits out nasty medicine?

Maybe children and women should not be tortured--just battered a little: broken bones, black eyes, cracked skull, black-and-blue neck? How about dogs and cats--survivors of centuries of human cruelty? Wild animals in zoo prisons, like the horrible brutality on elephant Princess Alice, suffering from old age?

If it is okay to torture, then why waste the meat tortured to death? “First we had sex”, said Jeffrey Dahmer, “then I fried his biceps”. Was that okay? After all, it was really a case of enemy and victim, like war, not a case of friends.

Religion invented sin, and invented torture to respond to sin. Quite possibly, torture was invented first, then, to justify it, sin was conceived.

Ethel C. Hale