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The Tobacco Terrorists are still at it. A new installment of pseudo-science is reported in The Salt Lake Tribune, November 8, 2007, page A-12. Again, drugs to fight the sweet drug, nicotine. The Tobacco Terrorists hope they can get everybody off tobacco (and on to oxycontin, heroin, methamphetamine and Prozac) so that if somebody ever wises up to the need to study smokers, instead of sick persons, there will then be no smokers left.

The T. Terrorists, if honest, could benefit by discussing smoking with smokers. The article cited above comments on a new drug that tinkers with the human brain to stop “the buzz”, the “rush” that allegedly keeps the smoker addicted. What nonsense. I smoked for 55 years (I am now 85) and never did I feel any “buzz” or “rush” from smoking tobacco. There was enhanced focussing, extra ability to concentrate and think, but beyond that there was only gentle relaxation. Under certain circumstances, smoking a cigarette could be mildly energizing.

I have never heard a smoker speak of getting a “rush”, “buzz”, or “high” from nicotine or tobacco.

I did not use “patches” when I quit smoking; I tried gum once: it was ugly. “Patches” are not “quitting”--they just remove the pleasure of aroma, so far as I have learned from smoking friends.

So why did I stop smoking? Because I had witnessed that old age and fire--yes, fire--are a dangerous mix as drowsiness becomes commonplace.

Ethel C. Hale