ethel’s words

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That’s right, you superstitious, non-scientific tamperers with everything you forbid to yourselves--

So now you’ve forced the way--inspired the way?--to get kids into nicotine.

Nicotine is indeed--my opinion here--a psychic stabilizer--if you face a task such as diagnosing, and prescribing for, the engine of a rare automobile; have to write a six-hundred-word essay; or simply must balance your checking account--a good dose of nicotine, assimilated out of a swirl of fragrant smoke, will help get it done.

Kids don’t need that. Don’t really want that. Just want to know what in the heck is so great that it must be forbidden. Due to the ineptness of parents, who never explain anything, kids tend to think that anything that is forbidden is either delectable or exciting. Safety is a neglected concept.

So here we go, messing up Grandmother Tobacco to make it LOOK enticing but actually making it noxious.

Ethel C. Hale