ethel’s words

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If the United States of America were to try to stop torture and slaughter in the world, as the world is today, it would need to change its own Power Structure. Change? Change, indeed, that.

But even to stop torture elsewhere, it would have to be done by (unacceptable) military action, or by means that would increase the “hurt” of those suffering. Certainly, it must be clear to persons over 25 by now, that the CIA--creature of the USA--has created more violence and torture than any nation since the end of World War II. The CIA has directly murdered, and indirectly toppled, elected persons and governments. They help to create fascist dictatorships, and bribe those already established.

If you don’t know this, you are not prepared to deal with violence and torture. If you don’t know this, you have not been reading responsible information sources. You may even have been watching television.

Before a world without even the usually conceived “torture” (after all, all punishment is torture) can be established, religions that dominate today--Islam and Christianity--must be, at least, distilled and refined. Whatever in them is kind, should be saved. The rest should be discarded.

Why not just say “Be Kind”; extirpate religion, superstition, hostility and hatred from your reference thinking. Then you can begin to see the basic reasons for war and torture. Blinded by religion and its hatred, nobody can advocate peace and an end of torture.

Ethel C. Hale