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When borders were the edges of continents and islands, North America belonged to the inhabitants--hundreds of different cultural groups--who had a “natural” claim to the region they occupied, a right that was more than the “territorial use” of non-speaking animals. But European immigrants recognized that “the Indians” had the richest lands; the indigenous peoples were re-located, expelled, or murdered.

Grandfathers of today’s Chicanos and probably Mexican-Americans and Mexicans, tilled the land that is now southwest United States. But that land, and its people, were taken from Mexico--by The Gun. As in many cases of land theft, there were “papers”--frightening word--called “a treaty”. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was supposed to protect and even nurture the conquered--but NOT VANQUISHED--peoples. (There were also “undiscovered” Native Americans unwittingly included in the treaty.)

It is not surprising that the Yankee-American government treats Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and Chicanos (and other Latino-appearing persons) with nearly the same brutal insensitivity as the Native Americans. Well, they ARE Native Americans--indigenous people, who, through circumstances not invited by them, speak Spanish (and maybe a couple of other languages).

When a Euro-American adult white male is convicted of a criminal fraud, probably for incredible gain--he is usually given probation. It has been seen many times by those old enough. But the almost insignificant Social Security card fraud of black-haired workers gets harsh punishment: prison, eviction from their home, expulsion from the U.S.A., and/or the ripping apart of their family.

Treatment of Native Americans of Meso- and South American countries is not much different. Countries colonized by other European nations, have always been exploited by Yankee-America as well. Even with superficial study--read the news reports--we see Kennecott in Chile, some hanging-on oil company in Venezuela, Del Monte and United Fruit all over the place, coffee (sacred Yankee beverage?) production by, one example, Kraft Foods. There were plenty of reasons why Yankee America, in recent decades, intervened and helped kill, and stop political change in South America.

Corporations don’t recognize borders or political limitation; only workers must get "papers". So it is okay for South American Native peoples to work for Yankee companies--so long as it is not in NORTH America.

Ethel C. Hale