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The crime of Treason is narrowly defined by our Constitution, but in everyday language, any treachery that betrays the established government or threatens its sacred Liberties, sparks suspicion of treasonous intent. An act aiding destruction of our Nation’s sovereignty through defeat in war, allowing imposition of foreign ways would be clearly treasonous. Changes in governance in the United States of America are legitimate only if by will of the people--an endangered concept.

An assault, in 2004, on our right to vote, confirmed by a guilty verdict in a case of election fraud--fraud with a small “f”--was reported by The Salt Lake Tribune (January 25, 2007) in a minuscule article on page two. Were I editor (or publisher) I would have had a banner headline on the front page. This case might be the crack, the break, that could lead to restoration of individual sovereignty--diminished in recent decades. (As for what happened in Florida, we wait.)


Soon after English-speakers came to North America, they discarded notions of divine birth, fought for and won freedom from an oppressive monarchy. Their Declaration of Independence was soon followed by the establishment, the founding, of our nation, and this made commoners, though only free white males, sovereign, with the right to vote. They were joined by women in 1920, by Native Americans in 1949, and by American Negroes in 1965.

The complex of crimes known as “Watergate”--spying, surveilling, and burglarizing of Democratic election headquarters in the Watergate Hotel--was not reported by Salt Lake City newspapers; there were bare hints. The roles of Senator Wallace Bennett, his son, Robert Bennett, Robert’s nephew, Robert Bennett Fletcher, Thomas Gregory (BYU student) and Willard Marriott are still not known in Utah. The role of the CIA in Watergate--helping to destroy the integrity of the electoral process--is reported only in books. When George McGovern advised the public about the intent of the burglarizing of Democratic Headquarters, the media accused him of “mud-slinging”. Nixon won.

The crimes of the CIA against other nations--destruction of elected governments (some by assassination) making way for dictatorships, are finally becoming known by the laggard general public. The CIA has no respect for nations, governments, nor persons. So whom do they serve? Not us. So they must serve the corporate conglomerate world-wide dictatorship that has no loyalty to any nation, but has its finger on the trigger of the Yankee-American BOMB.

Knowing that a prime activity of the Central Intelligence Agency is destruction of the democratic process, the fouling of elections, is it not justifiable to wonder whether the CIA played roles in the several irregularities in the election of 2004?

The news report suggested that investigation would continue in order to see if “higher-ups” were involved. The importance of getting the facts cannot be over-estimated. Huge numbers of citizens do not vote--a sad but understandable neglect. It is bad enough that the winning voters do not get what they voted for, but to have one’s vote not counted at all can deal a crippling blow to the democratic process.

Ethel C. Hale