ethel’s words

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The Mormons are determined to make the whole world free of tobacco, the sacred herb. They especially want to banish the alluring fragrances of burning tobacco, whether the incomparable delight of a Cuban cigar or the tawdry, artificially cured cigarette tobacco of Yankee America.

The reverenced tobacco of Cuba is planted by the moon and nurtured with the caring of a grandparent. It is always prepared by human hands, with the respect due to a sacred herb. It is withheld from Yankees by the severing of diplomacy--their governments for several decades have spurned and denigrated Cuba, and have had success in keeping the premier tobacco away from Yankee American subjects.

Tobacco and coffee add a joyful lilt to human life. They are drugs, but do not distort reality or lead to excesses of behavior. Nicotine ignites the thought processes of the brain, exciting the intellect and creative urges. Coffee awakens the vital activities of the body’s organs.

Tobacco and coffee were withheld from the populace by European royalty, who observed quickly the emboldening stimulation of both. The kings perceived the threat to their power, as do the theologians today. The true negative impact of tobacco is that it is addicting.

The Yankee American government demands chemical adulteration of cigarette tobacco and does not advise its complacent public what the poisons are. (Natural tobacco is available but at some effort.)

Good superstitions lead to growth of superb tobacco; bad medical superstitions enable its banishment.

All things change, but the change is not predictable.

Ethel C. Hale