ethel’s words

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Many sincere and, indeed, wise political authors and columnists see the problems that stab conscience, and of course they have visions of what we would have after we battle through the lifetime struggles of “solution”. I have just read an article by one of our most famous wise persons. His erudite summation of where we have been, how we got lost, what hellish cracks we let people fall into--is followed by a “solution” of thousands of words that could be summed up in Joe Hill’s word, “Organize!”.

But it seems to me that we working folks, we laborers who have moved from the shovel to the unhealthy eight hours of computer, we gadflies and we demonstrators and picketers, should not have to sacrifice a lifetime to effect what has been promised again and again--a script written in blood and soon betrayed.

“Of some generations, much is asked”, Franklin D. Roosevelt said. True, as he said, also, “to some generations much is given”. But given, quickly lost: the liberty and comfort-in-security are doomed by the jungle-law Profit System. Until we face up to that Destroyer, we will continue to support all the wrong causes.

We should not support any agency or entity that accepts war--even God, who is always on everybody’s side. God meddles and muddles. Shun him. He produces the brain-blathered mothers who brag about sending their sons off to have their faces blown off or their guts ripped open. We should not strengthen--we who work and flail around in debts--should not enhance the causes our government (all of us, sharing) should take care of: all medical research, all health-assurance, succor of the helpless, excellence in public education, clean air, clean water, disease-free food (despite The Boards), desperately needed safety guarantees (fire-resistant living spaces, etc.), safe work (do we need that coal? Why not develop solar energy?). We should be able to support persons who need our votes to do our will; we should not need the countless admirable lobbying organizations--who are saving The Planet as private citizens but who should be in Congress and State legislatures.

Our Congress is supposed to take care of all those things. But they are now Royalty, enthroned FOR LIFE. Some persons thought that “good pay” would discourage graft and bribery. No, good pay IS bribery. Money attracts money-grubbers, not societal architects.

How do you de-throne royalty, eh?

Ethel C. Hale