ethel’s words

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Have a heart, heart!
If you must do your alien dance
Let it be at some
More reasonable hour;
I think it wasn’t merely chance
That you harass me in the shower.

Have a heart, heart!
What is this urge to flout my nakedness,
Force me to leave my first ablution--
Can’t you wait ’til I am clothed?
Must I find a new solution?

Have a heart, heart.
Let me enjoy my hot cascade.
Please, dear heart, stop
This bad charade.
You break my heart, heart,
Wrecking my entire day;
A heartless heart you are,
Attacking me this way.

Go to hell, heart.
You always get your way--
But let me warn you now,
“There will come a day”.



At last, there came a day,
a surgeon with a way
to tame you, you incorrigible heart.
With clever cautery he took apart
your system used for persecuting me.
Now, who will win this battle?  We shall see.

Mean heart, if I survive, you can survive--
What un-guessed year won’t find us both alive?


Ethel C. Hale   © copyright 2013