ethel’s words

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I have been a political activist of some sort on some level ever since I voted for Henry Wallace for president. (Don’t fret; I can’t remember, either.) My time was spent mainly on civil rights and civil liberties questions, but I also believed in the power of the vote. I encouraged other working class folks to vote; to overcome their pessimism.

I found no one apathetic. Rather, people resented the way their government treated them; they were more comfortable to not vote than to be made a “sucker”--observing, no matter who wins, poor people are still ignored except in wartime.

I overflow with resentment and anger, myself. I am angry because, time and time again, as soon as a candidate is elected, he turns away from his supporters, and shows a friendly face and outstretched hand to those who had voted against him. (“Her” is intentionally left out.)

Some of these ingrates even make a speech to that effect: “Now that I am elected, I represent ALL the people”. The Democrat just can’t wait to show how cooperative he can be with the Repubs, and how eagerly he adopts “bipartisan”.

So why should we bother to vote? Why make a choice? I guess the final conclusion has to be: The non-voters are correct: Just put on the pressure after the election, no matter which “party” wins.

Ethel C. Hale