ethel’s words

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The Tobacco Police are everywhere. They are on your airplane. They are in your workplace. They are in your restaurant. They are in your bar. They are in your rest-room. They are on your street-side doorway. They are hiding under your bus-stop bench. They are in your meetings.

NOW, they are going to be in your park. Hiding behind every tree there will be a tobacco-sniffing policer. Soon they will be in your canyon. (Are they in your wonderful private railroad compartment? Oh, m’god I alerted them!) Next, they will be in your living room. Then bedroom. Then bathroom. They are already all over in your prisons. Just imagine--what if those poor bastards behind bars got cancer. (Or some other form of Smoking B.S.)
Now, what are they going to do to you? If you can’t pay the $300.00 fine, then I guess you will go to jail. That will fix you. You will have to quit smoking! They will get you sinful, criminal smokers one way or another.

And when the jails are full? Well, they’ve (that’s the BIG THEY, the ones who mess up your life) been saving those concentration camps they built to make sure WWII hatred would stick. They can put you there. Oh, but what if that one at Tahoe poses a risk to the forest? And Topaz is now a memorial--a Don’t Forget, for what you have already forgotten. So then where?

Ah hah, there is a Solution. It is the last one. I won’t type or speak the joined words that name that pogrom to end all pogroms. Oh, you are smiling? You think it won’t happen here? Think again, smokers.

Think about the situation: Any deprivation of Civil Liberties based on lies is a step to that Last--the very last--Solution. We have let them push, and inertia has taken over.

Ethel C. Hale