ethel’s words

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Half the population of the USA believed George Bush’s pronouncement that (among other things) he wanted to establish democracy in Iraq. Rah Rah! they said, sending the kids over to get their faces blown off.

Any rule or regulation that is imposed from above is not democratic. It is not self-government. In Utah, where 70% of the population believes in rule from above, believes in being “subject to kings”, it is easy to see why they don’t see. But what of the rest of the country?

Do we get no education at all in our public schools?

While slaughtering Iraqis to make them love democracy, we support Israel lavishly. Israel is a Church-State, and they have a right to be. Israel has weapons of mass destruction, and they have a right to said possession. They engage in what they declare is “pre-emptive” self-defense--actions that are not only violative of international law, but are also irrational and immoral. Israel commits genocidal actions against Palestinians, on grounds that Palestinians intend to commit genocide against Israel.

I am not railing against theocracy inside independent sovereign nations; no government system should be imposed by outside sources. But if we insist that Iraq should be democratic, why do we not demand the same of Israel? Why do supposedly educated Yankee Americans fail to recognize the difference between theocracy and democracy?

(I am opposed to theocracies that are internal to other governments on which they depend for all services and for which they do not pay. Mormonism is the example I know; I am aware of the Doukhobors, the Amish, the Amanists, Mennonites, et al--none of which I have studied.)

Why do we stay blind to depredations by one theocracy--Israel--while raining death and cruelty on another (former) theocracy? (Saddam Hussein was secular.)

Have we abandoned our confidence in the power of reason and suasion? No conflict of ideologies justifies killing, torture, or imprisonment (nor does anything else, for that matter.)

Ethel C. Hale