ethel’s words

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Forced medication by order of the court cannot be protected by medical privacy, I guess. How much information can the public demand?

Strictures on any medical/legal curiosity we have may or may not be defined by law, and who would want to fight about it?

Now that “torture Barzee” is fully legitimized (in Utah, home of torture) we can amuse ourselves imagining just how “forced medication” takes place. (Perhaps it would be appropriate to note that so far as news coverage is concerned, Barzee seems to be no [physical] threat to anyone.)

So, imagine: Wrestle patient down to a supine position on her bed. Two doctors or aides sit on her while irons are placed around her ankles and hands are cuffed behind her back. Roll patient/prisoner over to prone position.

Next, pry open clenched teeth; insert pill at the side of the crow-bar; add water: gurgle, gurgle.

Or: Have all medications in a liquid form suitable for injection. Bare her buttocks and wham! give her the latest in truth-serum concoctions. (That IS what this is all about, isn’t it?)

The medical personnel are simply facilitating; they are not the ones who want to interrogate her. They are helping God and Barzee to be amenable to court procedures.

Barzee doesn’t need a cell phone to talk to God. What God uses, we can only imagine. If She (God) uses an old-fashioned phone to talk to supplicants, She must have a helluva phone bill for calls to Utah.

Ethel C. Hale