ethel’s words

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                      (Wants to be a song)

        There’s a game in Salt Lake City
        That the coolest drivers play
        On the longest straight street in the whole wide world;
        Now the fame of Salt Lake City
        Where the skies are never gray,
        Is that State Street has its neon lights unfurled.

        The game is the State Street Drag;
        Right on, man, the State Street Drag.
        Drive it north and drive it south
        Count the cars from source to mouth
        Like a river of exhaust fumes filled with fish.
        Up and down they whiz and whir
        Down and up they roar and purr
        Take your choice what you prefer
        Buick, Plymouth, Dodge--hodge-podge--the car you wish.
        It’s a drag race, man, a drag.

        There’s a dame in Salt Lake City
        And the State Street dragsters say
        You don’t know she plays for keeps until she’s through.
        Dame Fortune is her famous name
        Fixed roulette her cheating game
        But the losses never show until it’s you.

        Streets are wide in Salt Lake City
        On the widest of them all
        Young folks gather in the evening at the call.
        Wheels are spinning pistons pumping
        The whole darn street is jumping
        Dragsters payday is a heyday for them all.

        Girls and boys in Salt Lake City
        Find joys in Salt Lake City;
        It’s the same in every game you name each day.
        To join a stream of whirring cars
        As they whiz past sparkling bars
        And it’s over and again you hear them say,
       “We call it The Drag, the State Street Drag.
        It’s a drag, man, it’s a drag.”

        (Repeat CHORUS)
        [plus] And that is the State Street Drag

© Copyright, 2002

Ethel C. Hale