ethel’s words

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So, we have shouted to the world that we will eliminate terrorism. So far, we have exorcised only civil liberties.

A ghostly image is terrorizing Washington, D.C.; all the President’s servants seem unable to track down the him, her, them, or their armies.

At the same time, dead bodies are found all over the nation, succumbed to any or many forms of terrorism--kidnapping, rape, torture, murder. For some reason, we do not expend any real effort to eliminate these kinds of terrorism.

The worst of all occurs every day, all day, all night, against victims who are totally helpless and not valued by the society: throw-away human children.

The beating, starving, torturing of infants and children by their “caregivers”, their “protectors”, their biological parents (who didn’t want them in the first place)--is given scant attention in the printed press (I don’t watch T-V) usually in a back page, and is given little condemnation by the courts. Yet, murder of adults may be given front page coverage for weeks on end, if the victim has any status at all.

Much of this torture exists under the heading of “punishment”--an accepted cruelty in Yankee America--(North America U.S.A.).

Children are punished because they were born not already understanding the language of their parents. They are punished for not knowing, without being instructed, the behaviors deemed permissible by their parents and/or caregivers. Later, away from their parents, they must learn new sets of rules.

They are punished for not paying attention--when they are deaf. They are punished for poor reading, when they are nearly blind. They are punished because Mom or Dad has had a bad day.

Long before power and terror erupt from the muzzle of a gun, power and terror explode from parents’ hands. Punish-punish-inflict pain-threaten-torture-murder.

One great political scientist said, “The reason we cannot remember the first few years of our lives is because it is a time of such terror we cannot tolerate it in our memories.”

Not all human societies terrorize their children.

Ethel C. Hale