ethel’s words

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A photograph published in the Salt Lake Tribune December 7, 2008, of Korean human skeletal remains almost 60 years old, provides stark evidence of the durability of such materials. Of course, we know that some circumstances preserve even fragile materials. For what? Geologic ages? The Korean massacre of Leftists simply adds a bit to the grisly mounds of bones left by the Holocaust.

To this day I have seen evidence of only one very small massacre by Saddam Hussein. (Of course, one murder is too many, but to go to war for?) There was one photo of an isolated skull sitting in a barren landscape. How gullible are we supposed to be? (Some persons still are not straight on weapons of mass destruction.)

We are gullible enough that only a few months between wars is required. Most Americans are sickeningly ready to send somebody else to war, or to concentration camps. There is an overwhelming need to hate, especially in religionists. A wispy allegation is all that is needed to justify killing and destruction; no evidence is required.

Ethel C. Hale