ethel’s words

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Among features of the wildly creative Sixties that seem little noted in historical commentaries, were the mime troupes and street theaters, also called “guerilla theater”.

The San Francisco Mime Troupe and El Teatro Campesino delighted the hearts and lifted the spirits of the protestors. They were screamingly funny, yet brilliantly exposed the fallacies of racism and the hateful nature of injustice. Without anger and without violence, they terrorized the racists and war mongers, bared their dark and foolish prejudices to a bright flood of enlightenment.

There is some good work today--following 2000--like Michael Moore, that probably chills the hearts (if any) of the administrators of the killing machines, and the destroyers of Civil Liberties. There are, of course, events that I do not learn about, due to my increasing isolation and/or the lack of media coverage. But I have thought, Wow, what a San Francisco Mime Troupe could do with Dubya Bush and his Utah henchpersons.

Ethel C. Hale