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Self-Immolation and War

    (and again and again)

The man, who,
in his agony of compassion
for the tortured children
of Viet Nam
did not realize
that those who did not care
about flaming children
in South East Asia
would not care, also,
about his

We bore witness:
Few Yankee-Americans
gave a damn about
young American men
robbed of their years
of sexual awakening
of romantic adventuring
and self-becoming
and did not care about
the slaughter
of South East Asians.

They cared about self
and money
and self-security.
They moaned about
The Holocaust
but were not disturbed
that children of Viet Nam
were dying
in flames of napalm.

Never again?
No, again and again.

Ethel C. Hale