ethel’s words

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            (Wanted to be a Song)

Somebody shook the Earth
it rattled inside,
it rattled inside,
made music inside.

Somebody shook the Earth
to see what’s inside;
what’s noisy inside,
what rattled inside.

Somebody shook the Earth
made music inside;
chimes sounded inside;
it tinkled inside.

Somebody shook the Earth
and diamonds fell out.
and nuggets of gold
and jewels poured out.

Somebody shook the Earth
and silver streamed out;
to make silver bells;
to make bells that ring.

Somebody shook the Earth
and sprinkled out seeds;
spread millions of seeds;
and plants tumbled out.

Somebody watered Earth
it gurgled inside;
made great rivers flow;
made small babbling brooks.

Somebody rained on Earth
and trees sprouted up:
catalpas and pines,
mimosas and oaks.

Somebody stormed on Earth
and trees came from seeds,
the apple and peach;
and apricots, too.

Somebody watered Earth
and daisies sprang up;
the roses made buds;
made lovely perfume.

Somebody rammed the Earth
--a jungle fell out;
the elephants plunged,
where lions roared in.

Somebody watered Earth
so rain forests came;
then monkeys swung in;
the pythons crept in.

Somebody watered Earth
mahogany grew,
the conifers greened,
and ebony shone.

Somebody opened Earth
the squirrel jumped out;
while beaver swam in,
the mouse slithered out.

Somebody cracked the Earth
and up swooped the crane;
the eagle flew out,
and robin and hawk.

Somebody slit the Earth
and butterflies danced;
magnolias bloomed;
loud twittered the birds.

Somebody touched the Earth
and life spread afar;
the Planet turned green,
and children were heard.

© Copyright, 2002

Ethel C. Hale