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...Could you spare a flower? Like, maybe, three pansies for the poor?

It is clear enough that, for the youth who live close to downtown, there will be no exciting rollerblade basin like the one at Jordan Park; no pool like the one at Sorensen. Pioneer Park makes a pile of money, but it doesn't help the park. So what improvements can Pioneer Park ask?

Benches near 300 West would entice visitors to watch the diesel-exhausts belching smoke as they go by. They could turn the benches around and watch the poor people. They could watch the cops watching for an opportunity to harass the homeless.

Consider a popcorn vendor so people could feed the gulls, one of the unique features of Salt Lake City--starving California Seagulls.

But the uptight ones who tremble at the sight of a poor person, who think poor equates with “drugs stupid and crude”, want violence. Guns, clubs, mace. Especially, clubs from horseback, to smash heads.

A solution leaps to mind: Divide the park into an East Side and a west side. Be sure to make the west side smaller than the East Side. On the East Side place swank outdoor furniture, and lavish the perimeter with flowers. Have Drinking Fountains and Rest Rooms with marble floors and glass roofs.

It would not be necessary to have a wall or even a fence, but it would make the police feel better to have an officer-sentinel on the west side, with his taser exposed.

On the west side put some badly-beaten-up picnic tables, some meaningless cast-off plastic pieces like the ones at Taufer Park (that replaced thousands of dollars worth of stunning white boulders that--well, they were taken away).

Put a stinky portaprivy alongside a pissoir or two and no fountain or basin for the children to wash hands. This will make it clear: The poor people will stay on the west side. They know they are not supposed to use things that are nice, comfortable, or expensive. No need to tell them. They know if they go to the East Side they will get their heads cracked.

Ethel C. Hale