ethel’s words

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“We have to save The System”, say the male voices, old and young alike. Well, this old female voice from the “underlying populations” (as my hero, C. Wright Mills called us) asks, why save a system that breaks down and increases the already endemic insecurity? Have you not noticed that even the “upper classes”--those who do no work that can’t be done on a piece of paper or a laptop, and usually not even that--get panicky? (By the way, I know that some of them can make their own reservations when they have to use a commercial airline.) A hero of mine, a Black man, once commented, “They don’t know how to keep from freezing to death.” That’s the ones.

Give me one damn reason to save a leaking ship that is docked for repairs (it can’t travel) when a brand new ship could be built in less time. Beats the hell out of me.

Why does no one suggest trashing the ugly, unjust, rube goldberged, cantilevered, unpredictable (short term) ridiculous “systemless system”?

Somewhere up there where I don’t live (but I certainly visit) there are power sources who love to destroy old things and replace them with new: salt palaces, schools, handsome architecture, forests, beaches, animal wildlife habitats.

So why not trash this unlimited-profit system that doesn’t work even when it’s working and use some brain power to plan the use of basic resources for basic needs?

Is that too tough, professors, students, financiers? Then ask the “housewives”, the amazing ones who have been too busy to worry about that name--those who are not educated in finance and therefore can readily see what is happening.

Ethel C. Hale