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Mitt Romney, His Speech: Mormon Through and Through

Mitt’s “His Faith” speech on December 6, 2007, was so Mormon I am surprised he didn’t deliver it on December 7. There was nary a word about Mormon beliefs as such, though there was war and more war, and that is certainly Mormon. Missionaries don’t tell the startling facts and neither did Mitt.

His speech started with war--a virtual declaration of war against Islam. Later, attacking Islam, he spoke of “theocratic tyranny”. Anyone living in the state of Utah knows about that kind of tyranny. Even some Mormons feel--and rebel against--Mormon Church tyranny and even Mormon-individual tyranny. The Bishop who weasels himself into the kitchen of a suspected drifter and looks into the refrigerator may not be common, but does any other church do that?

His assertion that “freedom needs religion”, that “they go together” is a monstrous stupidity. All religions take away freedom; even the easy-going religio-philosophies of pre-City-State peoples make some demands. And “the religion of secularism” he mouthed--not clever. If we could make secularism a religion no one would pay taxes.

Mitt pronounced that “church officials run their church” not politics. His church’s officials in Utah run everything: secular education, businesses, governments, entertainment, media, and personal family life. (Family home evening, for example, is mandatory.)

Mitt made the tired old Mormon claim that God was involved in the making of our nation--the U S of A. George Washington was at pains to point out, in the Treaty of Tripoli, that the U.S. “is in no sense a Christian nation”. (The Treaty Series Volumes were removed from the University of Utah where they might be used, to Utah State where they might be destroyed. True, I see conspiracies [as “plots”] everywhere; sadly, I usually turn out to be correct. Mormons are book-burners as well as “line-censors”.)

Mitt unintentionally confirmed that Mormon tenets MUST be kept secret, and that, in the Mormon way, he is skilled at lying and parroting fictions. There IS a relationship between his speech and Mormonism: the secret priesthood meetings are often fully political (apostates talk); and because of the Church’s self-perceived responsibility to save America “when the Constitution is hanging by a thread”, much of Mormonism is extolling the virtues of the God-conceived, God-run, God-protected United States of America, the birthplace of Mormonism.

Ethel C. Hale