ethel’s words

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So Mayor Rocky has endorsed a counter-revolution--after all the abuse he endured. It is worse than sad--that our intrepid Mayor is trashing his legacy. He needs a rest, indeed. And whatever he chooses to be his life work, it should be supported: it will be good.

But why does it seem he has turned his back on Democrats? Surely it is an aberration that he has bestowed a recommend on a person who always votes yes; eschews thinking (“the thinking has been done”); approves jointure of church and state; and believes in being subject to royalty. Sure, we vote for such--what choice?--but we need not praise them.

Is the Mayor trying to prove he is not prejudiced against Mormons? Mormons could never understand, but to reject persons or ideologies on the basis of their own declarations of belief is not prejudice.

Only a few years ago, I voted for a Democratic Mormon because he seemed to be a decent person. After his defeat, he revealed he was really a Republican. He had lied. So he wasn’t a decent person; he was just a Mormon.

Ethel C. Hale