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Revolution and Counter Revolution--History

Every rebellion becomes one of two things: a revolution or (it remains) a rebellion. It has a shadow called a counter-revolution. This is where the assassinations blast in.

A droning voice on KSL Radio, Salt Lake City, speaking words on Sunday evening, said, “In the United States, we do not assassinate the way they do in these other countries.” (Rough quote remembered from shock).

These words, when we had just recently (at that time recent) lost John Kennedy, Harvey Oswald, possibly Jack Ruby, Dr. Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, and in a way still mysterious to me, my hero, Malcolm X.

These assassinations were the counter-revolution to the Port Huron Statement of the Students For a Democratic Society (of COURSE you have not heard of that glorious dream!) and to the Planet-shaking Civil Rights Movement, and the dead-serious protest against our military actions in Viet Nam.

Oh, History! Hear the voices in the political wilderness. Oh, History, speak to the little boys and girls in the kindergartens. Whisper in their ear: Talk, don’t fight. Talk, don’t kill. Talk, don’t harm. Talk, learn how to smile and find joy in sharing Earth, the beautiful Planet.

That would be a real revolution.

Ethel C. Hale