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At the death of Keith Warshaw, recollections stream into my thoughts. His father, Maurice, was an extraordinary human being--entrepreneur, active citizen, caring person. We always knew he was Jewish, but it was an unimportant detail.

Maurice started at ground level, with an open-air produce “stand” (a common concept then) at 9th South and Main Streets in the Thirties. I often walked the couple of miles with my mother to buy produce. After Keith’s death, I was astounded to read a statement by someone that Maurice Warshaw was “not successful”! He had several super-in-those-days markets. He was politically concerned, supported the United Nations Association of Utah-- a position considered “Leftist” or even “subversive” by Utah’s uneducated rightists, so that he had a double jeopardy of being a Jew and reputed Leftist. He was generous with his money in civic causes, but his main concern was for Keith.

A favorite anecdote about Maurice Warshaw has often been told, but perhaps not written. His 9th South store was taking applications for a pharmacist. The managing pharmacist telephoned Maurice: “There’s a guy here applying for the position--he is well-qualified. But he’s a Jew.”

Maurice responded: “Hire him anyway.”

Ethel C. Hale