ethel’s words

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The pens of the press write on, and write about Rocky. They write, often, that he is long-winded. Indeed. He has a lot to say, and thousands listen.

The pens of the press, too, are long-winded when it comes to Rocky. They can't quite let him go. They keep saying, in effect, it is good that he is gone, but they still write about him. Sometimes, it seems, the name "Rocky" is inserted into a dull editorial to give it life. Rocky, the irritant, lives on.

Thousands stand to listen to a long Rocky exhortation. Not on cushy chairs, but feet on hard ground, the listeners are rapt, and they listen on and on. They do not want the speech to end; they want to stay in his presence; they want his voice to give them hope in a time that seems hopeless.

He rages his sorrow. He cares from his heart; the crowds listen with their hearts. He shouts for them--indignation, outrage, and dismay, seeing our once-proud nation--not faultless but improving--descending into the horrors of fascism and insane war.

Pens of the press, write on.

Ethel C. Hale