ethel’s words

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Zoos do not educate about the nature of animals. Animals in cages or confines do not show the reality of animals in the wild. The excellent documentaries children see on television give more accurate information than a zoo. Zoos add only smell, and the smell of a zoo is misleading.

A kind of zoo I’ve never heard of should replace the cruel zoos of wild animals.

There is an enormous array of domesticated animals and fowls in the world, almost as interesting as the untamed creatures. They could be obtained at less cost than wild creatures, and they could be secured (I suspect) more thriftily.

How many of us have seen a musk deer? A water buffalo? Some children may not have seen a llama. I suspect there are countless varieties of goats, sheep, and camels. All these domesticated animals--and don’t forget the fowls--should be displayed in zoos, not only to learn about them, but to assure their survival as their usefulness is replaced with less pleasant energy sources. They might even be contented. And if you think none of these is scary enough, try a bull. (Bull of bos domestica, that is.)

The time has come to begin a change in the occupants of zoos.

Ethel C. Hale