ethel’s words

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Think what a hopeful world it would be if our several governments and the many churches would campaign against nuclear bombs, nerve gas, manufactured diseases, grenades, missiles, guns--all torturing devices--showing the same fervor with which they denounce the pleasures of tobacco, wines, liqueurs, brandies, malt liquor, and even simple beer, coffee, and tea.

Can you imagine a world where children are not bombed, napalmed, maimed, raped, murdered, nor even left orphaned through intentional killing of their parents? (Or not even subjected to parental cruelty?) Can you imagine a world free of hate? Can you imagine a continent free of hate? Can you imagine a nation free of hate? How about a city free of hate? A neighborhood free of hate? Can you imagine a household free of hate?

It is correct that there are many aspects to human personalities, human cultures, and human societies. Human societies are known to shut out all other humans, but they are equally known to welcome outsiders--strangers. There are even human societies that treasure and cherish children and never hurt them. But their way of life is not what I would call a “religious” way of life. It is almost hate-free and is tranquil within.

The religions--now I mean organized religions, not what educated persons call religion--that I have studied--long ago--are based on repression enforced by cruelty and fear. They serve the nation-state, not freedom, nor the “pursuit of happiness”. They teach children to be obedient and subservient, to serve “the King”, or support the government that still recognizes “Divine Right”, while claiming to exist by consent of the governed.

Religion in “western” societies is as basic as government. The Founders probably perceived this, and that is why they tried to keep religion out of government’s seats. So far, their admonitions have not saved us from the tyranny of religion.

Ethel C. Hale