words by ethel & paul

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Serious but pleasant, relaxed but studious, scholarly but humorous--these traits produced the balance that made Professor John Flynn comfortable to be with.

He commented--more than once--that he was considering going home to his cherished Boston Red Sox (still the Bostonian, he). Over the years, he continued to vacillate, but he was held to this place--we assume with Sheila’s concurrence--where he had put down roots, where he had fulfilled his career, raised his family, and woven a life of service to his several communities.

We think it may have been what holds many of us: the ever-changing mountains; the has-everything City (except the Red Sox); the agreeably changeful but moderate weather. And he must have felt the respect and affection of all of us who knew him. No doubt he felt a constant pull of the deep roots he put down at the S.J. Quinney College of Law, to the enormous benefit of the School, the City and the West.

We offer this tribute as condolences to his family and his close associates.

Ethel C. Hale & W. Paul Wharton