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What? Me? Prepare to Debate?

Of course Donald Trump doesn’t prepare, or need to prepare, to debate! Why should he? He answers questions with a stream of consciousness mini-speech and makes up “facts” to fit his beliefs. He is a glib pitchman with no consistent set of beliefs except that he is destined to “win”. What’s to prepare? He has lived his whole life preparing, riding roughshod over any and every opponent.
Yes, the election is “fixed” (he says “rigged”); he just doesn’t like the rigging. But it’s been rigged since the founding of the Republic.
It’s rigged, too, in favor of a sharp business man who uses the bankruptcy code to defeat all who would challenge him.
But how does it help his electoral cause to tell his supporters that this election is rigged? If I support him, why should I vote if it won’t make any difference?
For more on rigging see entry 349 “A Rigged System”.      
October 19, 2016

W. Paul Wharton